Masonry Fireplace Doors

Rugged, industrial ascetic to elegant, sophisticated style

Masonry fireplaces are built with brick or stone and usually have a chimney made of the same material. Our line of Masonry Fireplace Doors are fully customizable and will enhance the feel of any room from industrial to elegant.


Factory Built Fireplace Doors

Recognizable, timeless look to delicate, slim framework

Factory built fireplaces are usually made from metal boxes and the chimney is faced with the same material as your house. Design your custom door to make your fireplace the focal point.


Free Standing Screens & Curtains

Exquisite, symmetrical lines to opulent, luxurious details

Our line of Free Standing Screens allow for easy access to the fire while providing protection and enhancing the overall look of your fireplace. This line allows you to transform any hearth from dreary to exquisite.


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