Protect your family while enjoying your gas fireplace

Each year, millions of people enjoy the warmth & comfort of a gas fireplaces. Today, many gas fireplace feature glass fronts that enhance the beauty of the fire. These glass fronts become extremely hot during and even long after operation. The hot glass can cause severe injury to anyone who may come in contact with it. Design Specialties offers a full line of safety screens that will protect you and your loved ones from potential injury while still allowing you to enjoy your gas fireplace. And many of our safety screens offer design and finish options that will enhance the look of your gas fireplace. It's the perfect combination of safety and style.

Safety Screens

Safety Screens for Gas Fireplaces

Design Specialties offers several styles of safety screens. Choose from our basic Glass Guard or elevate the style of your gas fireplace with our Steel Safety Screens. No matter which screen you choose, all of them provide the protection that will keep your family safe while also allowing everyone to enjoy the warmth & comfort of the fireplace.