Masonry Fireplace Doors

Doors for any style of masonry fireplace

Masonry fireplaces are built with brick or stone and usually have a chimney made of the same material. They can be a traditional rectangle opening or a full arched fireplace. No matter the shape or design, we offer the largest variety of masonry fireplace doors. From a sleek, minimal frame to doors created by a master blacksmith. You can create the perfect door that will complete your fireplace. All of our doors help keep heating & cooling costs down by preventing energy loss through the chimney.

Doors for Factory Built Fireplaces

Elevated style

A factory built fireplace, also known as zero clearance (ZC) fireplace, is a pre-built metal box that can be installed almost anywhere in a home. These fireplaces usually have a metal plate in the front indicating the make & model. The chimney will often be covered in the same material as the exterior of the house. We offer our most popular door models in ZC versions to work with factory built fireplaces.

Another type of factory built fireplace is a direct vent (DV) or gas fireplace. These fireplaces can also be installed almost anywhere in the home but don't require a chimney since they can be vented directly out a wall. Gas fireplaces feature sealed ceramic glass in the front which gets very hot during use and creates a safety hazard. Our Refresh screens bring safety and style to your gas fireplace.

Free Standing Screens

Proving that sometimes simple can be amazing

Our line of Free Standing Screens feature the same designs as our doors. From the classic look of the Carolina Free Standing Screen to the rugged beauty of the Black Rock screen, you're sure to find the screen that reflects your style. All of our screens are custom built to your fireplace's dimensions which ensures they provide protection while still looking beautiful.

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